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Zombie Panic Source Server breaks on map change / cycle.
I've just setup a ZPS server for our clan. I am running this on a Windows server. I used the HLDSUpdateTool to install the srcds files, with the HL2MP files. I then installed the ZPS files into a ZPS folder.

I start the server with the following command:

srcds.exe -console -autoupdate -game zps -tickrate 66 +hostname "=LB= Zombie Panic Source | Test Server" +hostport "27017" +maxplayers 20 +map zps_haunted

The server console loads and in the console window I see quite a few error messages about missing. I have copied the console log for when the server first starts. You can view it here: .

The server loads into the first map fine, players can connect and everything runs fine. The problem arises when the server changes level, or when the level is changed manually using the "changelevel" command. The new map loads, but it seems like the mod has changed. The player models are giant ERROR messages, and when you hit ESC and mouse over the menu items, you have the sounds from Lost Coast. When you disconnect, the blurred Lost Coast background is there, not the ZPS screen. We have tried using the "map zps_*" command to change levels and everyone is disconnected from the server, the server changes maps, and when people reconnect the ERROR player models are there, and the in some cases textures are missing and objects are in wire-frame. If we leave the server to change levels automatically, the same results occur.

Our mapcycle is like this:


Please help.

I had sv_pure set to 1 in the server.cfg file. I had to set it to 0 for it to load the maps properly.

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