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GSP Server Arrangements Advice needed, any and all welcomed!
Hi there

I have recently come into possesion of 5 1u servers and I am intending to run web and source servers. Server Config:

Quote:Quad Core Intel® Xeon® X3353, 2.66GHz, 2x6M Cache, 1333MHz FSB 1
Memory 8GB DDR2 667MHz Memory
80gb HD in each

Main sotrage for each server is in a NAS connected to the machines. My question is what is a good number of slots per server core and how much HD space does each install need? I was thinking 2-4gigs.

Please no offers on the servers, I am not looking to sell the hardware. I am looking for advice on server configs.


The search function would be great. This question gets asked 3 times a day.
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thanks for the help >_>
alexenk Wrote:thanks for the help >_>

Don't be an ass, its really boring for us regs who see the same question pop up everyday.

He is right, use the search, you will get a quicker answer in doing so Cool
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I agree with Hazz
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