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Im on a different computer but cant join my own server
I was wondering if anybody could help me. I have Battle Grounds 2 server that works, but i cant join it from my other computer which is about a meter away, also anyone else can join it but me ..... lame
What error are you getting?
Are you joining via the server's local or external IP?
Are you using HLupdatetool?
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im not actually gettin any errors. If i go to the master server list and join my sever, the game starts loading, gets to the "sending client info" and stops then stays there.
oh yeah and the server is configured to the local ip address (yet still shows up on the master server list)
Add your server to favorites manually, and enter the server local ip.

The master server list uses your external ip, and I'd bet your router doesn't allow you to access your own lan by using the external ip (which would make the traffic go out your router and in again).
Thanks alot Svuppe that worked

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