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Insane PING SPIKES! HELP please!!
CSS server running on

Xeon 3.01 GHz, 2 Gigs RAM, 100MB Commercial Bandwidth and Windows 2003 server edition.

Server runs, and all seems well UNTIL... more than one person connects.

1 person + any number of bots = pings are fine

1 person + 1 Person joins late (no bots or with bots) = Pings Skyrocket!

We're talking 700+ pings. But the second one person leaves, the pings are fine. What on earth would be causing this?

anyone? lol
tried putting server on DMZ, same problems. Cannot figure out why it would be doing this. I had a friend on there for 30 minutes with no problems. He had 7 bots at the time, as soon as I came in, within 2 minutes both pings spiked through the roof.

If he leaves, server goes back to normal.
If I leave, server goes back to normal.

its driving us insane.

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