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SteamID Problems
Im hosting a zombiemod server.. and have some seriously problems with the steamids on the ppl who connect..

When i restart the hole srcds batch i get my real steamid and get full admin access trough mani admin.

But if i leave and connect later sometime my steamid will be STEAM_0:0:0 ... And it does it to the public ppl also..

Not everyone, its kind like buggy, like randomly.. ??

In my startup line im using -ip cuz i heard that would fix the problem, but that doesnt work at all!..

I have set the admin access to steamids, thats why its a big problem.. since it will be 0 no one gets access..

I have searched everywhere about this problem, with no luck.. Does't seem that many ppl is getting this problem..

And yes the server is connected to the steam servers when startup and is vac secured..
But if it lost the connections later i dunno..

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