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16k Cash on CSS server.
So, we're trying to figure out how to give certain players 16k cash at all times. Possibly thinking of having donators and so forth.

We ran across THIS as a reference.

My questions is, could someone explain "(userid) "CCSPlayer.m_iAccount"" this part of the script for me?

any help would be nice! thanks!!
Still need help?
yea. lol still love to get this working!

I know they have an addon for event scripts.
Might want to have a look on their website give it a try.
I think I seen a 16k script on their site a month or so ago.
yes, this is it....

But I dont understand what the code means and how to use it properly.

es_setplayerprop <userid> <propertypath> <value>
Sets a server class property for the given entity (at index). Use with caution.
// sets a CS:S player's cash
es_setplayerprop event_var(userid) CCSPlayer.m_iAccount 16000

userid I am assuming is Steam ID, what is prepertypath?

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