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can i put this in the hostname for the server?
and can i put it in the motd? : (
i swear ive seen servers that have done it.

i guess i'll resave the file and see what i can do : \

opened up with note pad and not notepad2 and saved it as unicode... didnt read the file well (unknown commands) when i executed it, so tried saving it as UTF 8 and now its showing up on steam. just one little unknown command but i think if i put a blank line on the top I should be good.

now to screw with the motd : D

but how could i remove this thing that is an unknown command, its oviously not showing up in notepad, its probally some unicode thing that means new file or stream or something

and one last thing to ask, what is the command that sets how long you are paused before you can move on a round start?

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