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Can't get right ip
This is soooo wierd...... Srcds works on and off basically. Just today and yesterday i hosted an internet game and people could join fine, and the servers ip from ingame showed up as my external ip, everything wrked. But now when i try making it, the servers ip is always either the local host ip ( or my computer's internal ip which i set to a static one by the way I have portforwarded all the correct ports according to several threads. I need to get my external ip to show up for my server or else only i can join and everyone just sees my server as not responding and cant join. I have a router, and that -ip/+ip thing just gives me the udp error. Im outta ideas. Please helps me.....

>>I<< can see my server via the internet games tab and history etc. but others say they cant.

I use the exe version of srcds from steam browser, the game is css.

I also hav hamachi if that helps, i have tried disabling the hamachi network and quiting out of hamachi and such to no avail.
hey guys nvm sry for troubling everyone. I found a wrkaround, im using the cmd based srcds now and it wrks great, its better than gui version.

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