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War Mode help
Since no one replied in the tutorials sections.. I'll repost it here.

Hello, I have recently rented my first CS:S server and the hosting company helped me install SourceMod, MetaMod and Mani Mod by default. I have added clients.txt and I changed the commandslist file.

For e.g I added "@lo3" R exec lo3. However that would not work.
This, "@map" changelevel did work--. The only way I could do that was after going through RCON_PASSWORD MYSERVERRCON. Then type @rcon exec [cfg].

The 2nd problem is that after I installed War Mode on the server today, and restarted the server using HLSW, the server would not recognize me as the admin, it would say, [War Mode] You are not authorized... blah blah blah. And I even type ma_war in the console which said war mode disabled. mani recognizes me as an admin but war mode doesn't... PLEASE help me it's almost the 3rd time I've reinstalled the server.

A few more questions, will PING to forgein players SPIKE if the server FPS is not high enougH? The pings periodically spike every 2-3 minutes. The server is run on Linux, +fps_max 600 but no FPS boost is used/ wmplayer/srcdsboost/. A friend of mine complained that he usually got 200+ fps in bloodstrike whilst he only got 100 ~ in the server, is that related to +fps_max or just the international bandwidth. Server is 14 slots of which I had intended 10 players as it was meant to be a scrim server. I have 100mbps LOCAL and 1mbps international. Server is hosted at Hong Kong and my friends and stuff come from Shanghai/Singapore/Korea.

Thank you for your kind attention!!!

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