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external ip help
Ok i have a D-Link DI-524. I have forwarded steamserv1 to my internal static ip. The internal ip works perfectly fine, yet my server doesn't show up publicly. I went on to check my external, and i put that with a :27015 at the end, yet it says "server not responding. Do I have to put my external ip somewhere or something?
you can not connect to a local server via your external IP
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no my friend can't connect to it when he puts the external ip.
oh ok have you got port forwarding set up properly?
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yes i went to and forwarded it
Join your server.
Tell him to put this in console: connect <ur external ip>
Should work
ya that's the problem it doesn't work
my internal ip works for me, but the external doesn't work for anyone for some reason

note: i noticed my external ip changed when i restarted my computer. Do i have to make it static like my internal ip?

note2 : actually, i just noticed it changes without me even restarting the computer, and i don't have an anonymizer
Your internal IP should be static.
As for your external IP, it would cost a LOT of money to get a static external IP. Instead use a DNS like from

Also, post a screen shot of your portforwarding.
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Assuming this is all via a dedicated server, can you post the message you get when starting the server, including the command line your running to start it. Also, in your server.cfg, do you have sv_lan set to "0" ?

And like previously stated, setup using Dynamic DNS. You may also need to configure your server to use the DMZ of your router, which places the computer outside of the routers security. I ended up having to do that for mine to allow some people to connect.
#10 - there's my port forwarding
yes my router's DMZ'd
sv_lan is set to 0
this is what i use to start my server:
C:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike -port 27015 +map de_dust2
it doesn't work if i use a '-ip' command -that's what i get from starting it
ok somehow it has started working but every now and then my friends get "failed after four retries". anyone know why?
its not possible to forward enugh port on any dlink for cs server

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