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Server only works on console.
Hi guys , could you please help me with a little problem i have?

Inittialy i had problems with server , it sayed "server is not responding". I had ports open. I solved this creating a shortcut and adding the following: -console -game cstrike +ip <ip> -port 27015 +maxplayers 10 +exec server.cfg +map de_dust2 +fps_max 600 -tickrate 100

That opened the server in DOS and it worked fine. I started to get anoyed as i had to type loads of commands to get info about the server. Tried to delete -console to get the server workin in the visual interface and it doesent work.

How can i get my server to work with the default srcds?

Additional info: Working on windows , got mani admin on.

Thanks a lot in advantage.
It's better to use the srcds console than the default srcds with steam cuz it's less resource hog and it's easier to customize.

Since your new, refer to this srcds guide.
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