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Segmentation Fault
Hi !

Firstable, i'm french,so i'm sorry for my very bad english Smile

Yesterday, i was shutting down my TF2 server, when this message appears : "./srcds_run: line 346: 3677 Segmentation fault $HL_CMD".

I was asked to run srcds with "-debug".

This is the debug.log created :

CRASH: mercredi 2 juillet 2008, 14:53:45 (UTC+0200)
Start Line: ./srcds_i486 -debug -game tf +ip -port 27015 +maxplayers 24 +map ctf_2fort
#0 0xb18b1607 in ?? ()
No symbol table info available.
End of Source crash report

Is this problem important ? What can i do to resolve it ?

Thx ! Patouf
I'm not the only one who have this error (loooots of threads in the forum).

I just want to add that the number before "Segmentation Fault" is never the same. SOmetimes 3677, sometimes 4650 etc ...
I have updated Sourcemod to a snapshot version.

The problem is gone... (i hope)
I'm not sure with the Source engine, but segmentation errors in Linux usually have to do with memory errors, be it hardware or software.

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