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Website Showing Server Status?

I'm currently making a website for my CS:S server in PHP language, I also wish for it to show real-time status by scanning the server variables, just like Game-Monitor, Gametracker, Gametiger, etc. Anyone knows how to do it?

Check #3 for solution Smile
Me too, I'd love to know how to get a PHP output for the current map and stuff for a dynamic MOTD.
You guys should check out LGSL. Live Game Server List is a free php / mysql based script that scans game servers and returns information about the server such as number of players, map name, etc.

You can get a standalone version, or you can get it as a plug-in / module for a few popular CMS portal systems.

For an example of the script in action visit:
thanks for the link will use that
~ trewq
Oh nice thanks for the replies. Smile
I use that one our website, link:

Works well Big Grin
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