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some questions...
I have a 10 slot source deciated server and when people join from, lets say england, then they lagg en have a ping on like 500. ( i live in denmark). How can i fix it so they wont lagg so much ?

If you join a normal server and play in it then there sometimes come up a green text that keeps popping up, where it might say " All our servers are surf servers and 100 tickrate" or any other message. How can i make a message like that on my dedicated server ?`

How can i add admin skins ? ( maybe a link to a video or a guide )?

I have mani admin plugin installed. When i go in admin menu --> map management ---> change map, then it only shows normal css maps * by steam and not the custom maps i have added. How do i add my custom maps to that list so i can change it by the admin menu ?

Hope you have some answers for me cause ive been searching for pretty long time now..Big Grin
1. Use Google for guides. If it is a windows server, there is a guide in the windows forum on making it less laggy.

2. It's a plugin for an admin mod

3. Use Google for guides.

4. Check that they are in map list files, etc.

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