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Is SRCDS missing content?

I've made a custom map that runs perfectly on a listen server but runs into problems with a dedicated server. There are "game sounds" that play with a listen server but can't be found on a dedicated server. I have a fire that won't make noise (ambient large looped, i believe) and an alarm that doesn't make any noise.

I have also included some custom content into my map. I have custom textures, custom decals, and custom mp3 audio files. Everything works on a listen server, but the dedicated server won't show the decals and can't find the mp3s.

Initially I used BSPzip to package my custom stuff. I verified the ZIP by deleting the originals and testing the map - its all there.. After the dedicated had problems I tried a non-zipped version with loose content. Still had the same problem. It finds my custom textures fine, but refuses to see my custom decals, mp3s, or even those ambient looping sounds that belong in the game.

Is there a known difference between hl2mp's dedicated server and listen servers? I suspect some game sounds arent included in MP so I'll just have to find a replacement for those. But is there a reason why my custom textures would work but the decals and mp3s do not? Should I just install a listen server instead of a dedicated?
is the dedicated and the listen on the same machine?
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No - different machines. And I just found my answer elsewhere...I think.

Apparently some game sounds must be browsed for under "raw" in hammer or they won't work in the dedicated server.

As far as the custom textures loading but not the custom decals and the custom sounds, this has to do with a .RES file. Apparently I need one to tell the server which non-texture files are included. I'm looking into this now.
I was misinformed. The fix for the game sounds didn't correct it, but the sounds work miraculously after the first round.

Furthermore, a .res file is not necessary for BSPzipped content. I still may need to use one if I can't get this to work.

To update:
I've bspzipped textures, decals, and mp3s successfully into my BSP. I have removed the custom files afterwards to verify the BSP zipped properly.

1) All things work fine starting the map via console from my PC.

2) Textures work fine joining a dedicated server, but decals dont show and the mp3s say "file misssing".

3) All things work fine if I start the map via console on my PC (where it works) and then join the server from the in-game browser. This shows everything is zipped fine, and if precached by the client will work online.

It seems this is a problem with SRCDS. Can anyone confirm if it is even possible to BSPzip decals and mp3s and still use a dedicated server or if a RES file is necessary for all non-texture content, despite it working fine offline?

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