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windows 2008 1000fps
Does any one know how to get this working? Is this a download program or a file you have to do something special.

All i know is you need to download the High Precision Event Timer but what do you do with it? What servers or motherboards can you install this on.

Any info would be great.
Its easy.
Set the server to 100Tick for best reg with 1000Fps.
U then set fps_max 0 into server.cfg.
There u go its 1000Fps.
BTW its resource Heavy So watch out.
remember to get the srcdsfpsboost thing.
[Image: 1789915.png]

would this work on a dell 1950 III and what do i need to enable it?

is there a file i need to download or a .bat i need to create?
what are the specs for the dell box ur using?
U need server2008 for all i know.
Some people got it working on xp home and pro,or server 2003 but i dont know whow sorry.
No there is no file or bat file.
[Image: 1789915.png]


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