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I have some probs with the SourceDS.

When I start a Source Server like this:

Quote:./srcds_run -game hl2mp +ip -port 27020 +maxplayers 16 -norestart +map dm_lockdown

Its stats well on port 27020 ... but on the following too:

Quote:lsof -i | grep srcds_amd
srcds_amd 19688 GS33 5u IPv4 23109639 UDP
srcds_amd 19688 GS33 6u IPv4 23109640 UDP
srcds_amd 19688 GS33 7u IPv4 23109641 UDP
srcds_amd 19688 GS33 8u IPv4 23109642 TCP (LISTEN)
srcds_amd 19688 GS33 11u IPv4 23109645 UDP *:27030

So whats wrong with this? I cant figure it out. Its a standard config and no mods/plugins

Is it behind a router? Are all ports forwarded? (click and learn!)
May the Source be with you...

Want to know which ports to forward on your router for a Source DS? Click here!

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