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i got a HP pc with the following specs

Pentium 4 @ 2,6ghz (default speed)
256 DDR Memory (it is possible to update it to 2gb ram if needed)
37 GB Hard Disk
And i can choose Windows XP Professional or Windows server 2003
and i have a 6 MB/S connection.

Is this enough to run srcds (cs:s) with 11 slots T100
and what os should i take? i want to make a external connection to desktop (i know win xp pro has that option)

And this pc will only be used to host a cs:s T100 warserver
Is that hyperthreaded or not?
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Mooga Wrote:Is that hyperthreaded or not?

i dont not really know what that means but here is a screen from cpi-z

[Image: 2rrmqgi.jpg]

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