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Tutorial : How to use custom maps in DOD:S

Some time ago I used hours trying to figure out how to use custom maps in DOD:S. These are my findings:

If you play on a local network, forget having the clients downloading the maps directly from the dedicated server. Something is wrong with the netcode, so it takes a ton of time for the clients to download maps.
Copy the maps directly in the maps folder on the clients.
Another solution is to use a webserver...

Dedicated server config
On the dedicated server the BSP files must be put in /Steam/Steamapps/XXXXXX/Source Dedicated Server/dod/maps

Upload the maps to /yourfolderstructure/maps on your webserver

When the dedicated server has been started the following command must be run from console:
sv_downloadurl ""

Enter net_maxfilesize X in the server console to allow clients to download maps no more than X MB.

Other Notes
Most DOD:S can be found at

sv_downloadurl is used to inform the client where to download the maps they servers runs, that they dont have...

sv_maxrate sets the maximum speed at which the server will upload data to each client, in bytes/second, applies to both game packets and map downloads.
Of course, the player's rate setting must match in order to take advantage of the server's higher sv_maxrate.
The maximum allowable speed is 1MB/s (a setting of 1048576).
Unlimited: sv_maxrate 0

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