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Hosting Custom Maps
So I've gotten my server all setup and everything, but i can't get my files hosted and usable from another server.

any suggestions of sites to use or configurations to try out?
any help will be great.
do you mean sv_downloadurl?
~ trewq
i could use your help with your website...i tried uploading some maps...i got cp_orange_x3 to work, but ctf_convoy_v2 didnt work at all;it kept saying it wasnt a .bsp, even though it was. I also think you should allow support for .bz2, as they are much smaller and would require less bandwidth on your part, and faster downloads for your clients. and i don't understand what formatting or configuration i should use to make it so that it will be pointed at the right directory on your site, and so that clients can download the custom content at all.
what all do i need to be allowing and disallowing in the server.cfg and on your site so this will work?
The same problem as i had.
Still dont work.

I used 7-zip to make the .bz2 file?
(If it does any defference)
I will try and fix the uploading problem when i get time, as for bz2 when you upload the file it automatically zips them
~ trewq

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