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Server.cfg problems
Hello, I currently used this server.cfg maker:

I put it in cstrike/cfg/ and some of the settings seem correct like rconpassword, hostname and some other things but not all of the settings are saved for the server like timelimit, roundtime, differ from what i put in the server.cfg

Do I need to do anything else to make it work??
quick question, did you copy the output of the cfg maker and paste it into notepad (as in on your windows client comp), then save, and then upload to your cstrike/cfg/ directory, or did you paste it into a new file in linux named server.cfg?
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i did it in windows and uploaded it via ssh >< but i made sure i didnt do server.cfg.txt =\
make it in linux, often times notepad files wont work right in linux.

I use vi for editing files in linux, you can use whatever is easier for you.

cd <path to srcds>/cstrike/cfg
rm server.cfg
vi server.cfg
i (to insert)
*paste in contents from your server.cfg output that you got

This will save and write your file
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Wordpad would do it. Notepad is evil.

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