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New TF2 Install (srcds fails to start)
I had CS:S working just fine previously. Worked like a charm, even installed Mani and played around a bit on it. I decided that now that I'm playing TF2 more that I should go ahead and make my own server.

So I went ahead and installed the GUI TF2 Dedicated Server tool from Steam. The download finished and installed itself. But when I went to start it up, nothing showed up. Checked my Event Viewer to see if maybe some kind of wierd application crash had occured dont see anything at all.

So I uninstalled the server and decided to try again thinking maybe the HLDS Update Tool might come up with a different result. Nothing still comes up with nothing. I used my update.bat to make sure its all working:
start HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game tf -dir . -verify_all -retry

So that seems to work fine, it goes through its whole shpeal of checking all the files to make sure everything is there. So I go and try my start.bat:
c:\srcds\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game tf +map ctf_2fort +maxplayers 16

Closes as soon as it opens. Checked event viewer and still nothing. So its as if I never even clicked on it to begin with. Tried clicking on just the srcds.exe... Nothing. So I'm at a loss, what should I do?

Oh I even tried uninstalling everything and doing that auto installer, the which can be found on these forums. Same results.
update again with -verify_all
Make sure that start-up line in to the correct dir.
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