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help with bots
I just started a server and of course theres no one around to play except for a small list of friends. Now I would like to add bots so they have something to kill but is there a way to set it so like if 8 human players join to make all bots leave?

I imagine people dont like to play with bots when there are enough human players around (don't know, don't play the game)...

Is there an option to set this? since if i allowed 5 bots even when theres 10 human players it'll only total 15 players and the bots will remain since my max players is 18. But 10 human players can have a game without the annonyance of bots...
bots should leave when a player joins..

bot_auto_vacate will kick bots when a human joins, and its default is yes.
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bot_quota_mode fill

bot_quota 8

this sets a sort of minimum number of players on the server. bot_quota 8 means that at least 8 slots will be filled with bots and or humans. as a human player joins the game, a bot will leave the game.

i.e. after running above two commands, the server will be occupied with 8 bots. you join, 1 bot leaves, and 7 remain. someone else joins, another bot leaves, etc. when 8 human players are in the game, there will be no bots. if a human player leaves, dropping the number of human players below 8, a bot will join the game.
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