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Your server will be restarted on map change.
Hey, I'm having a little problem with tf2. I get this error on 6 out of 8 tf2 servers that I run, "Your server will be restarted on map change".
My directory structure is like "/home/gs/s1/tf2/", "home/gs/s2/tf2", etc where "tf2" contains srcds_run, steam, and the game folders(tf, cstrike, hl2).
I notice after the latest update that on those error'd servers it added the "orangebox" folder, which seems to be the culprit. Doing a steam update using "-dir ." says there is no installation at that directory, yet its where the crap is running from.

Is this a known bug or anything? There any work around?
Why cant they just code srcds right the first time! It would be so much better if it just worked...
Hey are you using bm?
for a long time I had an issue that would just restart my server after map change everyone would be kicked.
I ended up saying screw tf2 for a good 3 months just started up again the other day
seems to work for me now I don't have anymods on yet though.
Someone might know whats wrong with it.
I found a fix, it seems to be a problem using -autoupdate. Using autoupdate it wants to install to the orangebox folder. Simple fix was to run the ./steam update before running the gameserver.
if you want a permanent solution that doesn't involve you manually running srcds every time you boot up your server check out the howto here:
Well that fixed worked for a while, through about 3 tf2 updates until the most recent one today.

oo22 I have seen that, the thing is I don't use nor have the orangebox folder until steam does its bull****.
Currently my directory structure is:

For some reason steam keeps installing its sh*t to /home/user/tf2/orangebox, although everything exists in the current directory!!
I do "./steam -command update -game tf -dir ." and it installs everything to that damn orangebox folder.

EDIT: Please note that my "tf2" folder is what could be referred to as the "orangebox" folder.

# ls
bin hl2 InstallRecord.blob srcds_i486 srcds_run steam tf

# ./steam -command update -game tf -dir .
Checking bootstrapper version ...
Updating Installation
Updating 'Team Fortress 2 Content' from version 54 to version 56

0.00% ./orangebox\tf\bin\server.dll
0.33% ./orangebox\tf\bin\

While it should be updated to .\tf\bin
I'm not sure I understand exactly whats going on but TF2 requires the orangebox directory to be present to run... It's a bad naming choice on VALVe's part but I think we're stuck with it.

Renaming the orangebox dir to be called "tf" is probably causing all of your problems. I would not recommend doing that because the autoupdate will look for this directory and make a new one if it is missing during every update. It must remain as orangebox.

Edit: I guess what you COULD do if you really wanted it as "tf" instead is use my guide to fix auto update and put two "mv" statements in there to move your tf directory to orangebox, perform the update, then move it back to tf again.
All I can say is Steam really screwed up with the TF2 dedicated server!
I've been fighting with this for 2 days now and still can't get it to work right...
Yes I have renamed the folder to orangebox hoping to fix this, but now it keeps trying to update to orangebox/orangebox which just causes a shitload of problems and confusion. I am running srcds_run from /home/user/tf2/orangebox
Current directory structure:

hl2 InstallRecord.blob orangebox steam

/home/user/tf2/orangebox# ls
bin hl2 InstallRecord.blob orangebox srcds_i486 srcds_run steam tf

/home/user/tf2/orangebox/orangebox# ls
bin hl2 tf

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