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"Connecting To" Port and "Connected To" Port differ
Hello everyone,
I have my server setup and its running with limited success: yay.

However, Ihave noticed that if i look in console after I connect it says:
Quote:Connecting to
Connected to (or some random port)

Why is this? I have +hostport set to 27015, and the valve master servers see it as 27015.

Now one more thing, this computer is ALSO on my local network, so I am wondering if that has anything to do with it... thoughts?
Clients always use a diffferent port. It's not a problem, its how it was designed. The same applies in many other client/server models. | xfire: toasty2

Everything else is working great. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get my server filled....=(

Maybe I should just name it "Doorman is God | Customs and Classics", it always seems like DiG servers are full as heck.
Yeah but then people will get pissed when they find its not a DiG server :-/
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