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cpu too high?
lo all, are my css servers using too much cpu?

a 12 slot server full using no tickrate, 66 tickrate, 80 tickrate or 100 tickrate is using up to 30 - 40% cpu

Amd 64 3200+
1gig ddr
redhad fedora core 2
kernel: 2.6.5
gcc: 3.3.3
GNU libc: 2.3.3

command line im using is basically...

./srcds_run -console -port xxxxx +ip -game cstrike -secure +map de_dust2 +maxplayers xx +exec server.cfg -autoupdate &

I have tried it with all of the above tickrates and have used all nice levels but the cpu doesnt come down.

Normally a 12 player 1.6 server with pingboost 2 and sys_ticrate 200 will use apr 9% cpu.
30-40% steady? if so that is way high for a 12 slot.
Well, IIRC correctly, the higher the ticrate, the more resources it uses.
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Well it normally hangs aroung 20% but will spike upto 30-40% even with no tockrate in the command line. Normally around the roundstart time and can last half way through each round, but i guess my question is answered so thanx for the reply's. If i ever find a reason or fix ill post it here.

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