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noclip doesnt work after fresh install of srcds
ok, so i had my srcds running perfectly. everything working just as it should.

and then one day all of a sudden, noclip stops working.
i thought it must have been something to do with an eventscript that i had added so i started disabling all scripts and mods til only eventscripts was loaded. and still noclip didnt work. so after all the hassle of that i downloaded a fresh server. no mods. no changes. no added maps. everything the way it came. and.... STILL noclip doesnt work.

so my conclusion now is that there is a bug in srcds itself.

what happens is il turn noclip on and i just cant move. BUT. im invincible. and iv also tried noclip manyu other players and it just freezes them wer ever they are. and they just cant move. but ther invincible.

any help would be much appreciated
Have you looked into you server.cfg and maybe changed sv_cheats to 1 ?
yes. i have set sv_cheats to 1.

ive had my server for quite a while. i do know the basics.

the thing is, it makes you invincible but you cant move :S
Well, you DONT need 'sv_cheats 1' for noclipmode, with Mani.
I can easy use it without.(Got a dedicated server, both linux and windows).. I own the windows, anyways. No you dont need sv_cheats set to 1, for use it.

It proberly mani thats bugged, what version? 1.2betaS?(Newest)
What did you exactly do before you discovered it didn't work at all?
What plugins, addons ands scripts?
well it doesnt matter what plugins addons or scripts cuz i did a fresh install with no mods and tried it and it still didnt work.

umm ye i no you dont need sv_cheats 1 with mani. and it does the same tthing with mani aswel. and ye its the 1.2s

any possible variation of noclip does the exact same thing.

ive even tried using making an eventscript that makes you noclip on spawn and it does the same thing
so it looks like its a bug in srcds
I thing it is the last Valve Update.

Mani, hasn't been Updated for a while since Valve came out with their Update.(Just as i know)

Are you running: CSS, TF2 or DODS?

Hmm, i will try install mani, and look if it works.


ADMIN) Rëälchämp: player Rëälchämp is in no clip mode
Unknown command: noclip
zBlock: sv_cheats changed - now Disabled, Removing all players
Disconnect: Kicked by Console : sv_cheats changed - now disabled, retry your connection to the server.
Disconnect: Kicked by Console : sv_cheats changed - now disabled, retry your connection to the server.

Sorry, mani changes sv_cheats 1 it self.

After joining agian:
(ADMIN) Rëälchämp: player Rëälchämp is in no clip mode

And it did work perfektly!.
(after i made: "@rcon sv_cheats 1")

no it doesnt. if you type noclip into console without changing sv_cheats 1 and you have mani installed it doesnt work, until you turn on sv_cheats to 1.

umm its counter-strike source. at first i thought it was an eventscript because i had just added 3 or 4 scripts and then it stoped working, so i done a fresh install with no mods ad it still didnt work so ye.

must be srcds. how do i report it as a bug
I dont think it is srcds, becouse it works with me. Somehow you could make an error, within the installing of the srcds, mani, eventscripts.

Yearh, but as i said: Mani changes the sv_cheats to 1, when you click "Noclip name" And then it works. But from longtime ago i was able to do it with the menu as well, no changing of the sv_cheats(mani didn't either). And it works perfektly.
(Happende with me)

Very unsure if it is srcds. Could be.
(Maybe becouse of the an old Valve Update)
um. to find out wether it is srcds or not, could you do a frsh install of a server wit no mods or eventscripts or anything(dont even make the addons folder) and see if noclip works for you?

because then, if it doesnt its either valve or srcds.
I had this problem before. I forget exactly how I fixed it...something along the lines of reinstalling Mani I think. What version of mani are you using?
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I installed some few days ago. (Wensday) last week.

But yes, i will try uninstall and install agian when i come home ^^
So you mean that i DONT install anything on my server?.
Then i wont be able to give noclip (unless i use sv_cheats 1).
@ Only mani then. Newest version?

No big deal ^^
no, dont install anything to the server
just join it and then set sv_cheats 1 and use noclip see what happens.
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