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Help With Router....
I need help with my router. My router is A iConnectAcces621 and i can't get the Port forwarding Right. It doesn't work. I ask My friend he says it always gets "Server Not responding". I'm not sure what to do. And I followed the steps on I Theres Only a "Counter-Strike" one but there isn't "Counter-Strike Source 1. Any One HELP!!!!!!

Here are My Menus for My Router:

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heyy find on the portforwarding thing find steam server
Fracture Wrote:heyy find on the portforwarding thing find steam server

dw its was just the thing when i satrt the server.
It is normally 27015 so i change it too 27021
but now my friend sais thatit stays is "Retrieving server info"
Make sure you have all the ports forwarded.
There should be a port in the FAQ section with the port listed Smile
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