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If you have read around the forums, you've probably noticed that we often through "-verify_all" at problems... and it often works. So this FAQ is basically what it does and how to use it.

What -verify_all does is check every since file in the server to make sure it matches the original file. The positive effect is that if any files are missing or corrupted, they are added and fixed. The negative effect is that any edited file (maplist, mapcycle, motd, ect) are set back to normal. This also effects some mods. Make sure you re-edit those files once you run a -verify_all.

Using -verify_all is EASY!
Simply add it to the end of your update command (NOT your run command!).
Here is an example:
HLupdateTool.exe -command update -game GAME -dir MY_DIR -verify_all
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