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HLDS - Fatal Error ?! (Urgent)
Hey, a while ago my server worked all fine. I copied all the maps, sounds ad gfx files from the steamapps folder to the server folder. The servers starts without any problem but when i or somebody connects it does like this:

[Image: 20080612_13.21.40_wtf.GIF]
1) I don't know much about the Steam Dedicated Server, Have you tried HLDS?
2) You shouldn't be playing and hosting on the same computer, that could be the issue.
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fqdn Wrote:if you've seen the any of the matrix movies, a game server is not all that different. it runs a version of the game that handles the entire world for each client connected. that's the 2 sentence explanation.
This is HLDS for windows? I use different ports for the server and the game, it isent the problem
Not to raise the dead, but I'm bored. Was this issue ever solved?

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