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Update Error: roots.vmt - Fixed
I tried updated both my TF2 and DoDsbeta server and I'm getting this error for both. Both with and without -verify_all. There is no roots.vmt file there, joy. I'll post a fix when I find one.

Could not open file C:\hl2server\hl2\materials\models\barnacle\roots.vmt

If you re-move the barnacle folder and run another update (with or without a -verify_all) it should work. Did anyone else get this? Or did I just get a funny fluke?
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I got it as well, although in my case the barnacle folder got all wonky and now refuses to delete from the drive (Moving works ok; the usual fixes for deleting folders that claim they're not empty aren't working).

Most of the time if I rerun the update, it still gives me either the roots error, the 10054 Winsock error on srcds.exe, or a generic run-time error on srcds.exe.

It also seems to be happening on DoD:S as well, which is extremely irritating as I don't think any updates have even been released for that game of late.

Edit: I was able to eventually get it to take all the way through by moving the barnacle folder elsewhere enough times, although I still can't delete them all.

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