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TF2 Server Error

Got this error on my TF2 server last night:

"Model modlels/Gibs/wood_gib01e.mdl not found and models/error.mdl couldn't be loaded"

Checked the models folder and wood_gib01e.mdl is in there, though error.mdl isn't. Deleted the models folder and ran an update, same thing. Re-installed a fresh TF2, same thing. I seem to remember this problem happening on a HL2DM server a while back, though I can't recall how I fixed it.

Any ideas?
Does this cause your server to crash?
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Yup, error message box comes up, when I click OK it crashes the server.
is that a custom file?
If not, I would say update with -verify_all and if that doesn't work, try a fresh install.
I have not had any issues like this recently with my TF2 server.
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The file is part of the original install, already done a fresh install, same error. I'll try -verify_all on the fresh install...
-verify_all fixed the problem, thanks!

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