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HL2DM Console won't start

I just downloaded the HL2DM server files from steam, everything went fine.
When I start srcds.exe I got the nice graphical screen and configure the server, everything works perfect.
But that graphical UI uses memory and cpu time and I don't like that Smile

So I wanted to start HL2DM from console (like I do with source.)

So I wrote this commandline in a batch file:
srcds.exe -port 27010 -console -game hl2dm +map dm_steamlab +maxplayers 8

And optionally -> (-autoupdate -noipx +log on)

I also tried it without the -port 27010 command (to let it run @ the normal 27015 port)

But nothing seems to work.

The server console pop's up for a second and then dissapears.

It does work with cs:source.

I even reinstalled all the hl2dm files in a fresh new folder and updated it again, deletet the .blob files and let update run again (nothing needed to be updated this time, but just to be sure)

In the end I would like to run both Source and HL2DM on one server.

Thanks for any advise!
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