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My problem is as follows: Try to get my dedicated Linux TF2 server listed in the servers list for others to join via steam (duh). Services such as game monitors and server spy do not see the game. I am aware that my local network will not see them listed in steam. After much research and process of elimination I have come to a few conclusions. I will list a few of them as to skip the common replies I may receive.

Firstly, the command line parameters should be correct. I am behind a router, and have the +ip directed to the local machine hosting the game.

Secondly I have tried the port forwarding, dmz, and even a direct connection to the modem without success.

Third, I know the server is working and clients are able to connect directly via the “developer console” in-game.

Lastly, when I start the server via console, I receive the notification that the server has connected to the steam master server list.

What I did notice during my trials and tribulations is that there are certain ports in the 27005 – 27015 range that are blocked by my ISP (thanks a bunch guys). 27015 is an open port which I am assuming is the actual broadcast port for the server. 27005 being the client connect side, and possibly 27011 steam’s master server listing. Please advise if I am missing something.

I am running Slackware 12.1 / 2.6.24 kernel

Any advice, assistance, or mockery Toungue is greatly appreciated.
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