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Source DS Server Randomly Locks Up
Hi Guys,

I am paying for a server hosted by and the ping is fabulous and when the machine is stable its great but...the problem is, it is extremely laggy for a period of time and then it picks up and runs perfectly. 5 times a day it boots everyone at random times for no reason. I have to restart the server and it is fine then. Could this be a problem with the server.cfg file or have you guys ever seen this?

Thank you so much!
I am not saying this is the issue, but it sounds like the server company has to many game services running on the box. Either that or something else is wrong server side. Its not your config though.

just for the sake of looking at all things before you take this to them and complain paste your server.cfg.
// HL2MP Server Config file
// mostly the default settings with rate limits set to prevent massive lag
// put this file (server.cfg) in the cfg folder (this file is for HL2DM SRCDS servers only)
// qUiCkSiLvEr

hostname "[<-----Ravenholm|DMF----->]"

// Set the rcon password
rcon_password "---deleted---"

sv_hl2mp_weapon_respawn_time 20
sv_hl2mp_item_respawn_time 30

decalfrequency 120

// set to 1 if this is a teamplay server
mp_teamplay 1

// allow or disallow damage from teammates
mp_friendlyfire 0

// how much damage is inflicted from falls, default 0
mp_falldamage 0

// set to 1 if weapons stay (immediate pickup by players without weapons)
// requires that there be additional ammo (can't pick up a weapon to get more ammo)
mp_weaponstay 0

// set to force players to respawn after death
mp_forcerespawn 1

// enable player footstep sounds
mp_footsteps 1

// enable flashlight
mp_flashlight 1

// enable autocrosshair (default is 1)
mp_autocrosshair 1

// allow bots
mp_allowNPCs 1

// world gravity (default 600)
sv_gravity 600

// world friction (default 4)
sv_friction 4

// world water friction (default 1)
sv_waterfriction 1

// Minimum stopping speed when on ground
sv_stopspeed 100

// spectator settings
sv_noclipaccelerate 5
sv_noclipspeed 5

sv_specaccelerate 5
sv_specspeed 3
sv_specnoclip 1

// player movement acceleration rate (default 10)
sv_accelerate 10
sv_airaccelerate 10
sv_wateraccelerate 10

// max player speed (default 320)
sv_maxspeed 320

// misc physics settings, leave them as-is
sv_rollspeed 200
sv_rollangle 0
sv_bounce 0

// player stepsize - dont mess with this (default 18)
sv_stepsize 18

// misc default vehicle settings (leave these alone)
//r_VehicleViewDampen 1
//r_JeepViewDampenFreq 7.0
//r_JeepViewDampenDamp 1.0
//r_JeepViewZHeight 10.0
//r_AirboatViewDampenFreq 7.0
//r_AirboatViewDampenDamp 1.0
//r_AirboatViewZHeight 0.0

// teamplay talk all (1) or team only (0)
sv_alltalk 1

// enable voice on server
sv_voiceenable 1

// disable pause on server (set this to 0 always)
sv_pausable 0

// disable cheats (set this to 0 always)
sv_cheats 0

// teamserver coop (default 0)
coop 0

// deathmatch - set this to 1
deathmatch 1

// allow players to upload sprays (default 1)
sv_allowupload 1

// allow sprays and map content to be downloaded (default 1)
sv_allowdownload 1

// how often players can spray tags (default 20)
decalfrequency 20

// fast http download url address

// Enable instanced baselines - Saves network overhead
sv_instancebaselines 0

//Force server side preloading (default 0)
sv_forcepreload 1

// set fraglimit before mapchange
mp_fraglimit 150

// set timelimit before map change
mp_timelimit 30

// Max bandwidth rate allowed on server, 0 == unlimited
sv_maxrate 8000

// Min bandwidth rate allowed on server, 0 == unlimited
sv_minrate 4000

// Maximum updates per second that the server will allow (default 60)
sv_maxupdaterate 60

// Minimum updates per second that the server will allow (default 10)
sv_minupdaterate 10

// Maximum lag compensation in seconds (default 1)
sv_maxunlag 1

// explosion size (default 1)
sv_robust_explosions 0

// Maximum speed any ballistically moving object is allowed to attain per axis (default 3500)
sv_maxvelocity 3000

// rcon failure settings
sv_rcon_banpenalty 0
sv_rcon_maxfailures 10
sv_rcon_minfailures 5
sv_rcon_minfailuretime 30

//The region of the world to report this server in (255 = world)
sv_region 255

// gather server statistics
sv_stats 1

//After this many seconds without a message from a client, the client is dropped (default 65)
sv_timeout 65

//Enables player lag compensation
sv_unlag 1

//Specifies which voice codec DLL to use in a game. Set to the name of the DLL without the extension
// miles is the only voice codec available for Source games
sv_voicecodec vaudio_miles

//Enables HLTV on this server
// do not enable HLTV for HL2DM servers right now
sv_hltv 0

//toggles whether the server allows spectator mode or not
mp_allowspectators 0

// If set to 1 then Server is a lan server (no heartbeat, no authentication, no non-class C addresses, 9999.0 rate, etc. )
// set to 0 for internet server
sv_lan 0

// Server contact name / url / email
sv_contact ""

// server password for players to join (default "")
//sv_password ""

// execute SteamID based ban list
// this file must be located in the cfg folder
exec banned_user.cfg

// execute IP based ban list
// this file must be located in the cfg folder
exec banned_ip.cfg

// Set packet filtering by IP mode (default 1)
sv_filterban 1

// log all bans in logfile
sv_logbans 1

// enable logging and start log file (always last thing)
sv_logfile 1
log on
Sounds like either they're overloading the server, there is bad memory, the server hard drive needs to be defragged, or server needs to be rebooted. (or they're not using the hardware they claim to)
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I'm getting the same thing with my games so I came here to see if others are having the same problems.

I have two games running on the same box. One 24 player cs_office and the other a 32 player cs_compound.

Lately (within the last 1-2 weeks) I've getting periods when all the players on a game getting >150 pings for varying times between approx 30secs-120secs when their usual pings are around the 30-50 mark.

I've been able to monitor both games at the same time, and I'm not seeing the same problem in both places at the same time, so its not a connectivity issue. I dont think its a processing power issue either as its only happening to one game at a time (P4 3ghz HT). There's plenty of ram on the box (1gb) and the disks are regularly defragged.

Does anyone else have reports of this happening?

My gut feeling is that its a windows source only issue, either an "attack" from an outside party causing a slowdown in the processing of network data or something else.

I'm not able to knock one of the games out for long enough to test one at a time which would be my first course of action. Maybe I'll need to do this if noone else has this problem. I guess I can try a server reboot, the uptime is currently at approx 18days.

As above, I've not seen this problem prior to about 1-2 weeks ago, as I've been running these two games on the same box for over a month now. Its also odd that this happens to be around the same time rhideon posted about this, so I wonder if there is something going wrong with the windows version?

Thanks in advance


Hmmmm, i have also had a few customers complain of high pings for a short period of time. The spikes are random, unpredictable and dont seem to be caused by any specific event.

Its not isolated to one machine and they are not overloaded, top spec machines with only a few game servers on each.

Network traffic is fine, no problems at the routers, cpu usage steady around ~75% when full, Plenty of RAM ... i thought there must have been some packet loss on the network but we have a 100mbps pipe and not much network usage.

I also have not had any problems prior to a few weeks ago. Thankfully the spikes dont happen very often but are giving me a headache trying to figure out what it is.

Only remaining factor is ... source. Gaming Servers
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WOW. Thanks. Even though its not good news, its good news Smile At last I have found someone else with the same lag issues.

I've posted this over at steampowered, so I'll just link back here to backup my investigations.


Just had a thought ... are you using plugins?

Ive had no end of problems caused by third party mods in games other than source so mani could be a contributing factor. Gaming Servers
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yeah Im running the following:

0: "Mani Admin Plugin 2005 V1.1.0f,"
1: "StatsmeMinimum-Plugin, Roger Devil"

I've been advised to upgrade statsme to the latest version.

I'm tempted to run without any plugins for a day and see what happens.

could well be mani. Gaming Servers
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Hi Guys,

Did anyone manage to pin point what the problem could be? I'm having the same exact problem with intermittant ping spikes and lag.

I'm also running mani, was that ever proven to be the problem?

Not proven.
But seems to be the most likely.

What exact version of mani are you using? Gaming Servers
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