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Compiling Kernel for 500 fps
I have a Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz with 8GB RAM.
I have tried to get 500 fps out of it for days now, but the best I can do is get it to hover around 485 fps.
{this is what I get from stats:
CPU In Out Uptime Users FPS Players
9.80 0.00 0.00 4 0 483.56 0

I've read as many guides and checklists as I can find, but I can't seem to find the magic combination to make it hit 500 fps. I've tried 32 bit and 64 bit.

Does anyone have a Centos checklist?
I tried this one to no avail:

I've been using CentOS 5.1, but I'm willing to try something else because this is quite bloated. What about Gentoo?
Is there any particular distro that makes it easier?

all ideas graciously accepted...
did you change the param.h and jiffies.h files? also what kernel are you using?
running kernel

I changed the param.h and jiffie.h files just as the author suggested...

I edited the ./include/asm-x86/param.h ... Hope that was the right one
(because that seemed to be the most logical...and there was no ./asm-i386/param.h )
it looks like this now:
#ifndef _ASM_X86_PARAM_H
#define _ASM_X86_PARAM_H
#ifdef __KERNEL__
# define HZ CONFIG_HZ /* Internal kernel timer frequency */
# define USER_HZ 1000 /* .. some user interfaces are in "ticks" */
# define CLOCKS_PER_SEC (USER_HZ) /* like times() */
#ifndef HZ
#define HZ 100
#define EXEC_PAGESIZE 4096
#ifndef NOGROUP
#define NOGROUP (-1)
#define MAXHOSTNAMELEN 64 /* max length of hostname */
#endif /* _ASM_X86_PARAM_H */
then you set the kernel to 1000hz in the config as well (either the text gui or the long options that scroll by)?
I set 1000 Hz in the 'make menuconfig' gui
I think it's under processors...
but yes, I did.

I'm rather frustrated at this point...I didn't think it should be this hard...
lvnv Wrote:I've been using CentOS 5.1, but I'm willing to try something else because this is quite bloated. What about Gentoo?
Is there any particular distro that makes it easier?

No distro is better than the other when it comes to compiling the kernel.

For me it's all the same what the distro is as long as it's got package manager which can download all the dependencies automatically, or then it's slackware which assumes the user knows what he's doing. People get enthuastic about distros, so asking which one would be better is usually bad question. You'll get 10 different answers.

Try to set the process affinity for one core only by "taskset -c 0 ./srcds_run -game ...". This FPS question is also answered million times and every time many users tell you to install "1000 tick kernel", but I don't think many of the people giving the instructions have even installed a new kernel by themselves. They just repeat what they've seen in the 'net.

I've seen that when I set "fps_max 0", I get FPS around 600-900. Then if I set "fps_max 500", I get 350-500.

Nephyrin Zey has also investigated very well about the FPS thing. He's tampered with sleep() function and has achieved FPS over 30000 (yes 30000!):

Nephyrin Zey: "Note the CPU usage. This means that the server isn't sleeping more when it's overshooting its FPS goal, nor is it staying awake longer when its not quite getting there." (you need to register on the mailing list before you can read it).
the taskset helped alot. It consistently gets me above 490 now.

What is this sleep() call that he refers to? Is that a Steam function?
ok, so I recompiled at 64 bit and took out as much bloat as I thought was possible.
Getting 494-495 fps, but still can't get 500 fps.

Is this the best I should expect to ever get?
That's about as good as it gets unfortunately, it will vary by system a little and the only difference maker I've seen is the chipset being used.

(Another identical thread:
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Lol No offense but your doing this much work over 15
you wont notice a difference between 485 and 500 fps. 500 is just the maximum, no server will ever be locked at 500 fps, its impossible to 'lock' the fps at a specific number it is ALWAYS fluctuating
thats probably as close as your gonna get

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