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New server coming.
Ok, so I'm building a server from my friends old gaming computer(he upgraded)
Specs are as follows
AMD 3800+ X2
2gb ddr 400
160gb segate sata drive.
video card is just some cheap nvidia card becuase it doesn't matter.
Also, its going to run windows server 2003

Bandwidth is not a problem, i work for a ISP and this is going in there rack.

I wanted to run one CSS server like a 24/7 Dust 2 like a 24-32 slot
and one TF2 24/7 2fort 24-32 slot.

Think i can get away with that one this hardware?
Since its a dual core do i need to do anything with the CPU affinity or any thing like that?

You should manage them both at 66 tick.

As for affinity, set each one to one core - CSS on core 1, TF2 on core 2.
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Alright, Sounds good.
Just for a side note, you technically could run both at 100 tickrate. You have the power, its just that TF2 limits at 66 and anything over 18 should be 66 tickrate.
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