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Client join message
How do I disable the client join message?
I have a client that is spamming my server with foul language.
He has been banned by Steam ID and IP he changed his IP.
He just won’t go away PLEASE help.
Srcds css
Mani admin
You'll proberly find a great script that the foul language.
But i dont know how to remove the "<name> connected" command, when it shows up when a cleint joins your server.
(I'll may be able to create one, tell me what foul words, that have to be blocked, and hes steamID, then i proberly make a script who checks for hes steamid every round_start, and if the id is on the server, you'll be able to do everything with him, just tell me.
ban, kick, slay and so on.)

If you banned by steamID and IP, and he changed IP, he wouldn't be able to connect anyway.
Quote: If you banned by steamID and IP, and he changed IP, he wouldn't be able to connect anyway.

Right they cant play but they can keep trying to connect and spam your chat.
This player keeps changing his name to things you dont even want to know. (NASTY)
So I made a eventscripts plugin that looks at the SteamID and if it is banned then the plugin auto ban's the IP.
So no matter how often they change there IP It will auto ban the new one.
hmm, sounds good.

Post it to him, then Smile

is it in python or 1.5?
Let me run the addon for a few days to make shore there are no bugs.

This plug-in requires
Eventscripts 1.5 or later
Mani admin 1.2 betaS or later
OldTimmer Wrote:Eventscripts 1.5 or later

You mean newer?
Python can exaclty make the same as the 1.5 can.

You can load the 1.5 scirpts into your eventscripts 2.0(Python)
but not your 2.0 scripts into your 1.5
I call this script badip it will auto ban IP of a banned player when they try to join.
So ban by SteamID then the next time thay try to join it will ban there IP.
If they change there IP and try to join it will ban that IP to.
Ban's IP's for 5 minutes.
Use this script at your own risk.
I am using this script on 2 CSS servers.

This plug-in requires
Eventscripts 1.5 or newer is that better lol
Does not need mani admin now.

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