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Solved / Set up srcds with ftp access
Hey guys, this is my first time using this forum and i'm a total newbie with srcds related things.
My questions are:
1) to set up ftp access to the srcds, what would be the best, easiest program to use?
2) how would i be able , or for that matter would i be able to incorporate the use of webmin as a controlling feature for the restarting and stopping of the server?

The reason i need the ftp and webmin(or whichever program is best and free) is because i will not always be right next to the soon to be CSS server and i want admins to be able to restart if there's a problem with the server.

I need to know these things before i can download and setup the Counter-Strike Server i'd really like to on this extra computer.
ATM i'm running Ubuntu 8.04 linux . My internet is on a T1 line so it's pretty much 1.5mb up and 1.5 down.

If there is another thread in these forums that details out instructions or help on how to accomplish this, please direct me.

Hope the questions weren't too noobish Toungue

Just use SSH to control the server from afar. FTP wont give you the control you want.
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I agree with Mooga.

SSH is awesome and secure.

FTP is boring and unsecure.

You might consider using VNC for remote control on linux.
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ubuntu uses apt-get ? if so
apt-get proftpd

useradd customername
passwd customername
(then type their desired password)
chkconfig the process to boot on startup then service proftpd start
try using the username and password you created
Thank you, finally an answer to my question.

However Big Grin I took the advice from the previous posts and i did end up doin it via ssh.

Thanks all!!

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