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srcds under xen domU?

I'd be pleased to hear any experience of running srcds under xen paravirtualized guest under linux. Is it any decent solution? Many xen kernels have internal timer frequency at 250Hz. Would it be enough? Anyone tried compiling it as 1000Hz?

Any experience welcome. If you post, please tell which distro and timer frequency.
srcds and virtualization usually dont mix very well.
Yeah you will never get stable FPS under virtualization.
realchamp Wrote:
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JUST to prove everyone wrong Toungue

I use xen and run 3 servers in a single domU at 500fps stable... I also run another domU for webhosting and etc. Note that the setup took a LONG time to fine tune but runs flawlessly and never ever drops fps under full load. Mind you I have a very powerful processor (E7440) and 1 dedicated core per srcds instance.

If you need some advice or what have you just drop me a line.
I run a 24 person tf2 server under OpenVZ without too many problems.
haven't needed much tweaking at all.
but it could be argued that OpenVZ is not actually virtualisation...

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