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Server connection problem

Im setting up a counterstrike source deticated server, this server runs on a standalone pc. Everything works fine and well with the exception of one rather weird problem.

Everytime i join the server within my network, (through the local ip address) The connection seems to slow down for some reason. Before im joining the server locally i can use for instance wich you can use to check your connection speed. At that point im getting arround 900kb/s but after i join my server locally from another pc im not getting more then 30kb/s on the server pc. In other words everytime i join my server locally from another pc the server starts to lag cause of the limited connection.

Do any of you have any idea what can caus this? Im thinking of some sort of port or anything like that.

Help would be greatly appreciated!
I don't know why that is but it happens to me aswell
~ trewq

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