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How to hide
Hey is there any way to start the srcds like msn messenger down in the right of the screen instead of on the line under? or hide it? like it u cant see that its running?
You can run it as a service. Thats the most efficent.
Or you can get a program that hides windows.

Both the above require some sort of software.
I run mine as Services using srvany which comes with Windows Toolkit.. Requires a bit of work to get it going (registry edits and such) though I've scripted it up.
OR you can get FireDaemon which is easier (but cost money). There's lots out there

if you just want to hide the window there are some free programs that will do this for you. Just Google it Smile
I remember using Windows Actual Manager at one stage which did the job (I dont think its free though)
Just run it as a program, you shouldn't use your server PC for general use anyways unless its crazy good! Toungue

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