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Maps won't download
I'm trying to run custom maps on my server, but no one can download them. I have my own website domain (it's a bit new), but I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing wrong. sv_downloads is enabled, but I think my problem lies in sv_downloadurl. Currently it's something like 'http://www.******.com/tf2/' but I saw another example where it was an ip instead. How do you set up custom map downloads?

sorry for being a clueless noob on this, but I'll appreciate any help.
What's the error?

Try adding something like this to your server.cfg:
net_maxfilesize 75
// Max download file size. Default is 15
// This is set to 75 because custom maps are HUGE!
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You dont need a domain name btw. Also do you have sv_allowdownload 1? I see you said sv_downloads which might be allowdownload but i just figured i would check Smile. I remember mine wouldnt work either because of the maxfile size. Thats a good thing to check.
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Did you get the URL map downloads working? I have tried but still nothing... any other posts you can direct me too perhaps?
I have a HL2DM server and I run it with a download URL as well...
The line i have in my server cfg is:
sv_downloadurl "******/"
(I blocked it out so you don't steal my bandwidthSmile)

But you have to have the a folder inside of the specified directory for maps and sounds! In mine that would be:******/maps
and then:******/sounds

If you have those folders, you'll be fine!

I hope that this helps, if you need anything else, PM me!

-Matt Anderson
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take out sv_downloadurl for a second. can you download the maps now? sv_downloadurl really just redirects players to download from another location so your bandwidth won't be hogged. it's not required. if you've taken sv_downloadurl out and your maps download, then it's a sv_downloadurl problem. if you've taken sv_downloadurl out and your maps do not download, then it's a server problem.
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