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How many TF2 slots? (2.2Ghz Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM, 100Mbps)
Hello, I'm after some advice please!

On the following spec machine:

* Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz
* 1024 MB RAM
* 160GB Hard Drive
* 4,000 GB Bandwidth
* 100 MBit Connection

I am considering running my own game server and maybe renting out a couple more.

- Do you think I will need more RAM or something before I can run multiple TF2 servers?
- How many slots do you think I could run on that machine? (e.g. 3x24 slots or..?)

I don't think upload speed is an issue - the server is in a data center.

Thanks in advance Smile
3 x 24 slots will be about the upper limit on that machine. I would suggest more RAM, TF2 uses a reasonable amount of RAM (starting at around 250MB per instance). Our srcds TF2 instances consume 800MB+ each after 10 days of constant usage - we use windows, but the memory leak is evident in linux too. I would recommend you reboot the box every couple of days aswell.

Our core2duo 2.67Ghz upper limit is 3 x 32 slots... Hence my prediction.

Upload as you suggest wont be an issue for 3 x 24 slot servers.

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Thanks for your reply Smile That's pretty much what I expected.

If I bought it up to 2GB, do you think I would get any more or do you think other things (e.g. CPU) would start to limit me?

I will probably schedule a daily reboot - something like 3:30AM GMT when people probably aren't playing.

Love the site by the way - awesome smoking effect in the header.
Definitely get 2GB - and yes you will be limited by CPU.
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Okay great. Thanks for your help blik Smile

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