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Ping hack/booster ?!
Hi everybody,
Can anybody tell me how to get the pings boosted?
My friends have always pings between 100-150!
Or a ping hack would also be great Toungue....
so that the people see a better ping as they have in real when they press TAB. Well....I know this would be a "Cheat" Wink . But my server is becoming more serious I think.
I have no lag issues and so.....why can the people have no better pings. Rolleyes
Plz help!

See Ya Michi

P.S.:If this is against the forum rules please delete the thread (because of ping hack)
i doubt it will work, because you change nothing about the connection you change just a numer.

for linux and hlds there was a ping booster (don't know of it really work, never hosted on linux), but i don't believe it's out for srcds.

so i thing you have to get youré self a faster connection to lower the pings.
But isn't there a way to show the pings lower then they are in Real ? I don't know how to do that !

Cu Michi

P.S.: Just for becoming the server more serious
i don't know if it still works and or it is allowed but i believe you have to do something with cl_cmdrate and cl_updaterate, this has to be done CLIENT side.
Yes I know.....
But is it possible to do this server side ?

See Ya
hmm, i really don't know.
i thought you could it with cl_exec but i can't find it anymore?!?!

was it a adminmod plugin or somethinglike that? WEIRD!?!
cl_cmdrate 1

that will show a ping on 5 on the scoreboard but you will still lag

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