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Cant Join My Own Server
i cant join my own server but other people can. Its in the server lists and its responding when i try to join it it goes to parsing game info (3 bars) and gets stuck other people can join it with no problems. I have ports 27015, 27016, & 27006 forwarded. anyone know how to make it where i can join my own server

Click Me To Join My Server
are you trying to join your external ip?
you have to use your internal ip for instde your network?
~ trewq
im just clicking on join game but do i need to do connect in console is that what ur saying

p.s. ty for fast reply
ahhh sweet man i gotcha i typed connect in console and it worked i should of thought of that considering my old server said the ip was my local one and friends had to use the connect command so ty for the help man.

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