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Ban files.
I'm sure as most of you know SRCDS uses the 2 ban.cfg files, one for IP bans and the other for steam ID bans.

I have about 5 servers, is there a way to link them together. So if I banned one user they wouldn't be able to go on any of the 5 servers.

I've seen source bans, however that needs sourcemod, and most of our servers use Mani.

Any replies would be great, this is on Windows 2003 Server if that helps....
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Without using SourceBans or some other MySQL-based system, it'll be pretty hard.

Unfortunately, Windows isn't too hot on the utilities front. With a Linux-based OS, you could've had symlinks to both files for all servers, but this isn't really possible without being very hard in Windows.

Personally I don't like Mani in that it's configuration is very VERY limited compared to SourceMod.
I know there is a way of doing it. I don't know off hand HOW to do that.
Search the forums, I know this has been done before.
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Beetle's Mod can do it easily but I know a while ago I asked this same exact question....
Found it Smile. Jeez time flies. I remember posting this and this is whay? 8 months ago?
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