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How do you shut down the srcds server?
I have just installed a TF2 server on a fresh Linux installation, after having played with a TF2 server in Windows for some months. However, I am not a Linux expert (or srcds expert for that matter). I have searched high and low for my little problem, but haven't found anything. It should be soooo darn simple, but I honestly don't know the answer. Please don't laugh when you see my question:

How on earth do you shut down the srcds server, if you'd like to do that at some point?

I know the process can be killed, but I don't think that is the nice way to do it. I have also tried typing 'exit' in the console. This does shut it down, but after 10 seconds, it is back up again.
Is there another way than just killing the process?
you obviously have the srcds is a re-loading loop.
You have to kill the script. I'm not quite sure how to do that though...
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I assume there is, but don't use it.

Just kill the process, nothing happens to the server. Believe me. Wink
Well, the re-loading loop is in srcds_run itself (which I just learned is nothing more than a human-readable script). It would seem that the neverending loop is a result of me using the -autoupdate option.

BTW. Does the -autoupdate work at all (with TF2 at least)? I wouldn't think so according to what I read in the script.
i dont believe it does.
It do work, but only if it haves to update mate, lol.
I have done a few tests, and -autoupdate does not work, IF the steam update program and srcds_run does not reside in the same directory. This is the case with tf2 servers, as the srcds_run is located in the orangebox/ subdir.
I have modified the srcds_run script to make -autoupdate work properly. If anyone can use it, grap it here:

Put it in the orangebox/ dir, remove the .txt extension and make sure the file is marked as executeable. Then just call this one (srcds_run_modified) instead of srcds_run with all the usual parameters (including -autoupdate of course).
good work with that script.

Do you start your server through console?

If so just Ctrl+C in the console where the server is running
Ending the possess wont do anything to the server.
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No, I don't start it through the console. The server gets started as a service during boot, and it was during the development of this feature that I wondered if there was a "nice" or official way of shutting down the server. Some way of stopping is needed in the service script.
Ending the process the "hard" way works fine, but I think it won't be too nice to the recording of SourceTV, with an abrupt ending of the file. But i don't know if that truly matters or not. And I don't plan on shutting down the server regularly anyway.

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