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cannot connect to my server
I've done all the searches for this problem. I'm running a dedicated server on my P4 2.2ghz 512mb ram PC. I have a Linksys BEFSR41 V3 router. I have XP Pro/SP2 running on this machine. I've got the range of ports needed forwarded on the router and just to be safe I opened these ports in the SP2 firewall. I created a 2nd Steam ID to run the server with so that I could hopefully run the server on the P4 and play on my server on my Athlon 64 machine.

The problem comes when I try to connect to my own server through HL2: DM. My server shows up in the list, but when I try to connect I get a steam ID expired type of error. I've tried all the little tips that I've found through searches and so far nothing seems to work. I can post my .cfg files' content but that won't be until later this evening. Any help wuold be greatly appreciated.
morgstormhammer Wrote:I created a 2nd Steam ID to run the server with so that I could hopefully run the server on the P4 and play on my server on my Athlon 64 machine.
You don't need to create a second Steam account (as in registering through Steam itself), see the tutorial on this website on how to make an account to install an srcds. Be sure that it isn't an existing Steam (client) account. I don't know for sure if this will fix your problem though, but imo it is definately worth a try.
May the Source be with you...

Want to know which ports to forward on your router for a Source DS? Click here!
I've even tried that which resulted in nothing happening, not even my server showing up in the list for HL2: DM.

I can uninstall it all, delete all the files and start over....again...if you think that might help. But, I did that last night.
Oh yeah, the tutorial on this site tells you to use "C:\srcds>hldsupdatetool -command create -username killer123 -email mymail@aol.meh -password moomoo -question "What do cows do?" -answer "moo"" (which, of course, doesn't work) and then
"hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir C:\srcds -username killer123 -password moomoo -remember_password" (only some of that line works).
OK. I deleted the entire c:\srcds folder and then removed any trace of it from my registry. I redid the hldsupdatetool install and then ran the update without a username/password. Everything downloaded/updated just fine, I have my server.cfg file and all is as it should be, or so I believe. However, if I try to connect from my other PC through Steam to the server on this PC, I get "Invalid STEAM userID ticket". Any suggestions?
i'm getting the same error.

tutorial works like a charm. CS:S server shows up on the server list. console works. no prob there.

I have the SRCDS server running on a seperate machine from my main gaming machine. I have the correct ports forwarded. My account name for the srcds server is NOT the same as my original store bought copy of CS:S.

Like i said.. server shows on the master server list. But, justlike the original post in this thread... when i try to connect on my main machine, I get the "your steam ticket ID has expired.. please re-enter" it fills in my NAME (the name that is my actual STEAM name) and asks for my steam password. entering my steam password doesnt work. it fails and goes back to the "enter password" point.

I am able to connect to other servers without having to have it ask for password.

Windows XP version SRCDS

Well, I found the solution to my initial problem. Now, I can join my own server from a different machine and others can see my server on the main list.

I still don't have the mapcycle and maplist thing down, but working on it.
care to share what the solution was to the "steam ticket expired" problem?

as i said .. i'm havin that happen too.

OK. First, I'm sure you have all the cfg files and stuff setup. Going off that, and assuming that you're behind the same router on both machines, try this. Set the IP for the server in the server.cfg file if you haven't already. Make that IP the IP that is displayed when you go to
When you go to play HL2 DM on your other machine, go to Favorites and add a server by IP. Then use the IP address that is assigned to the server PC by your router. That should solve the problem.
Hey, thank you.

I'm sure your way works. but after digging I found the easiest solution in the world.

The server does show up in server listing, yes am going through same router.

All you/I needed to do was... instead of on the Master server list, connectng to the server and getting the "steam ticket expired" message. Just click on the LAN tab... and connect to your server that way. Voila.

thanks for the reply. Cool

Happy fragging


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