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Server FPS / Hack & Server Rates Question
I am running a single CS:Source server on a Dual Xeon 3.6 with 4GB RAM on a 100mbit up/down pipe.

The server has 16 slots. What should I set the rates to to get maximum performace?

Also, I've heard that you can hack the server so that it will run at a rediculous FPS. Anyone know how to do this? I found it on the following site:

Thanks in advance,
You are running a single CS:S server on a dual 3.6Ghz Xeon machine with 4GB of RAM?? Does it have any other tasks or do you just use it as a gameserver?

You should search this forums about the FPS hack, I thought somebody had mentioned it (with some links) a while ago.
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Here's the link for the thread on FPS:

The thing I'm confused about is why you have that powerful of a server for one 16 slot server. With that machine you could easily host 10-20 times that many slots. If all you're gonna host is one server I would go with a lowend P4 and save yourself some serious money.
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